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Why not enrich your Harem with Fate/Grand Order chicks?


Among so many chicks in Fate/Grand Order, It's hard to tell which one is most beloved of my own. As sequel of the Fate serie, since Fate/Stay Night, the FGO inherited most of the roles. Of them all, Artoria Pendragon (or Altria Pendragon in North American release) is definite the most popular chick. That's why she got the most porn manga of all the pussies in FGO dojinshi.

Ishtar, the most sexy one in hentai comic

But to the old fans comes all along from Fate/Stay Night, they may save their precious vote for Ishtar. If you are the fan of Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night, you may know what I am talking about immediately -- because these two pussies not just look the same, and they also share one soul, as the backgroud story told.

While in the hentai manga, she became the most sexy one of all in this dojinshi serie. This little black haired woman does anything I like. She likes to show off her big ass and anus, especially after she takes her thong off her lovely hip.The authors know this. They provided us with pictures of her hip at all angles, or what we can see from the back, just to see her ass. But, It's a pity that Ishtar did not got much attention as Artoria Pendragon got. Maybe it's because the dojinshi authors did not want draw the same charactor twice ( from the appearance ) as they already did with Rin Tohsaka.

According to the plot setting, there are many new characters in each chapter of the game. So, that give more room for hentai manga creation. Why not let those pussies enrich your harem now.